“The Saga of Menyoral: Hard Luck” Cover Reveal!

Dingus Xavier has the worst luck ever. As if just being named “Dingus” weren’t enough, he’s the red-headed, oversized son of an elven mother and an absent, human father given to banditry.

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“The Girl of Fire and Lightning” by Harrison Paul

Kaybree is a teenage girl from Nordgard, an alternate history Scandinavia where mythical beings called Angels have protected and guided mankind for millennia–until they started attacking fifteen years ago.  Her mother’s organization, the Vormund Order, defeated the first Angel attack and has been guarding the borders by the forest ever since.

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Everville: The First Pillar Kindle Ebook Giveaway Contest


Enter a chance to win a free Kindle ebook of Amazon’s #1 international epic fantasy bestseller Everville: The First Pillar. Also, be sure to stay tuned for details on the upcoming second book in the series Everville: The City of Worms, expected to be released in late Summer.

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