“Spells of Artistry” is here!

Deanna Molinaro

“Spells of Artistry” is hitting the ground running today with Deanna Molinaro, artist and writer of delightful “not-for-children” books. Her stories and fairy-tales will tickle your funny bone and shiver your spine all at the same time! It is a great honor to have her  on my website today.

Give her a warm welcome and check the interview out HERE.

And I am hoping for this feature on my website to be a source of inspiration, conversation and collaboration in the future for our various community of artists: writers, illustrators, playwrights, musicians, dramatists, dancers, singers, actors, painters. You name it! Be welcome and enjoy your time in the “Spells of Artistry” realm.  Hopefully coming this year- an artist’s forum!