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Some of the most important traits an artist can have to really enrich the experience of collaboration are, an eagerness to try new things, an openness to other’s views, humility, and loads of talent. Jason Dorf has all of these in spades.  Ask anyone who’s worked on production with him, and I am sure they would agree. Nothing is a greater treat than spending lunch break (when there is one) sneaking into the storyboard and concept art offices and oo-ing and ah-ing all the greatness pinned up on those walls. Jason’s character and storyboard works stand out, with humor, movement, and eye-catching power.

“Warrior” by Jason Dorf


KARA: Hi Jason. Thank you so much for doing this interview!

JASON: Hi [Kara]! Thanks for interviewing me!!

KARA: The breadth of your artwork is really noteworthy. The edgy graphic novel style of your vampire and monster art, seen on your website, is so very different from the boyish, kid-drawing-in-his-spiral-notebook ‘look’ you developed for “Little Mikey the Vampire Monkey.” Can you tell us about the process of how you got there–inside Mikey’s brain?

JASON: Well, i’ve always been  a chameleon of art and always try to get the “right” look for a project.    I know Mike and I discussed the idea of it almost being Mikey’s notebook in some way. So, i wanted to get the look that little Mikey may have drawn it. Plus, it’s a fun style i like to work in and thought it might work for this project.

KARA: When Mike Gasaway approached you, what was your first reaction to this creative challenge?

JASON: Oh, I thought it was a cool idea! I’ve worked with gasaway for a long time and I always dig on his stuff. Plus, I believe his daughters may have  inspired it — so that was another plus / challenge to work on.

KARA:-What are some fun and/or surprising things you learned about collaboration during this process?

JASON: Well, i just thought the story was just really nice and simple. AND hope it would really resonate with kids… that i hoped the art wouldn’t mess it up! — just a really nice little story with a few  little “quirks”.

By Jason Dorf

KARA: I noticed a frame of artwork called “Death Spade” on your website. I looked at it for a very long time, and realized (belatedly) that a soldier is in the picture, which was kind of cool–he gave me a jolt–like he was aiming for me the whole time while I was absorbing separate elements of the picture. Very neat effect! Is “Death Spade” a personal project? Tell me a little about Heart Attack Grafixs.

JASON: LOL! Thanks! Actually it was a t-shirt design for a client. I really should take off the logo, but i’m sure he wouldn’t mind the extra advertising! Heart Attack Grafix is a company I’ve had since starting as a working artist in 1992. It started w/ me and my pops (who would do the sales). We were able to put t-shirts in Oshman sporting goods and became the merchandisers for the National Inline Hockey Assoc. These days i’m reworking my portfolio for [storyboarding].

“Experiment” by Jason Dorf

KARA: That’s great! (Readers, Jason has done storyboards for a lot of great shows! Check his work out on his website )

KARA: If you went on an artist’s retreat, what three things would you bring with you for inspiration and why?

JASON: a grab bag of music from 70’s yacht rock to 80’s metal and my sketchbook and pencil…… I guess that would work!

KARA: Are you working on anything new you would like to share with us?

JASON: Just trying to get a few nice pieces together, [new website] and maybe getting some prints together.

“Rangers” by Jason Dorf

KARA: What kind of freelancing do you do? And how can writers get in contact with you?

JASON: Ha! Well to keep your head above water as an artist you’ll draw anything!! I have a sign that says “will draw for food”….. seriously, this past year I did a fill in storyboard for “How to train your dragon” the series , a comic book for AMD Processors that was released at comic-con , and large wall hanging illustrations at concentra medical clinics all over dallas … to name a few cool ones!

Please contact me through dorfjason (at)  I look forward to hearing from ya!!

“Wizard” by Jason Dorf

KARA: Always a pleasure to chat with you, Jason. Thank you, readers. Again, Jason’s new website is

Check it out!

And thanks for stopping by!


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  1. Your art is awesome. So fresh youthful and not too scary for a child. I think collaboration is working well for both of you.

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