Spells of Artistry

It is with great pleasure that I announce the “Spells of Artistry” realm to my website.

I’ve found through my years of hopping around on my ‘lazy susan’ of aesthetic adventures that artists inspire each other without fail. Throughout the ages communities of various artists–musicians, composers, poets, playwrights, novelists, painters, illustrators and actors—have always formed to find inspiration, insight and cherished camaraderie within their groups.

In these communities, multi-talents are discovered and encouraged. The animator is an actor and an illustrator. The librettist is a poet and playwright. The singer is an actor and a musician. The writer is a dramatist and a painter of words.

When these talents come together as equals and partners with the same energy, the sky is the limit for how the ‘meeting of creative minds’ shapes and changes everyone involved. So, with this objective in mind and heart, I am hoping that “Spells of Artistry” will weave its magic in very exciting and unexpected ways for my readers and contributors.

Spell Casters:

Deanna Molinaro

Hollan Holmes

Audrey Knight

Sarah Mensinga

Tim Hatcher

Eric Drobile

Devin Blake

Lyla Bardan

Jenn Reese

Chris Jackson