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Nov 23rd: Cover Design reveal and a little bit about “Stealing Sky”  HERE!

Coming soon to Kindle:

Stealing Sky – a swash-buckling space adventure with a touch of intrigue and romance, set in an alternate universe.  Hold onto your panties and IPComs!

“To get off this pigsty planet, Cassie would need a white knight with a thick skull, and as she adjusted her solarCel binoculars, the perfect candidate came into view.”


Vampire’s Fortune, Fortune Teller’s Curse – The first book in the VFFTC Series by Kara Ashley Dey.

“For fast cash, a struggling psychic scans an ancient dagger only to find she’s awoken a demonic family willing to destroy all she holds dear.”


In the works

Omen’s War – By Kara Ashley Dey. A set of separately released short stories that can be read out of order. In a world where gods still walk among us, Omen defies those who would restrain him. Fighting against paranormal forces, he vows to steal the woman he craves from the hands of both demons and deacons.


Clink Clang Girl: A YA novella by Kara Ashley Dey.

When her father is mere hours away from removing her brother from life support, a teenage girl who holds herself responsible for her brother’s fate, embarks on a quest to return him to the real world, even if she might lose herself within his dream.


Turning Tables: A unique collection of stories by Kara Ashley Dey..

Each story written in its own genre, Turning Tables revolves around five people and a dining room table.