Ode To The Full Moon

Have you howled tonight? Dance in the forest? Or found a faerie ring and secretly witnessed their impressive promenade? It is the full moon, after all. Let your wild side out for a meander or a jaunt.  A bark.  A woof.  A romp.

The full moon sees the fruition of all your labors and all those hopes you placed upon the new moon many days ago. Enjoy the fruits of your thoughts, dreams and work.  Hey! I heard you can actually see David Bowie in the moon if you look hard enough.  What a pleasant surprise.

How have your writing goals manifested on this night? Share your successes. Mine is this website. I hope you enjoy it.

May you have many many moons of success. A dance and a drink of wine to celebrate the lunar energy that inspires us all. Be well and keep writing!

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    1. Hi Rachel – I am just getting used to Word Press’ format and would have responded sooner! Thank you for your post! Enjoy hearing from you! -Kara

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