The Thirteenth Installment of “Spells of Artistry!”

It’s refreshing to find a writer who takes on the paranormal and gives it a fresh twist. Today I have the pleasure to interview Simone Snaith, an author who does exactly that with her series, The Fairville Woods. Read on to find out more about her writing as well as her music!


The Next Installment of “Spells of Artistry”!

Hollan Holmes

Today it is my pleasure to interview electronic music composer Hollan Holmes as our next Spell Caster. Interview HERE! His music has been featured on the internet and the highly acclaimed ‘Hearts of Space’ program site.

Hollan’s musical artistry casts a spell on the your  mind, calming and clearing it for the day ahead, for the project before you, or from the day you have left behind.

Check it out and learn about his process and the people and things which inspire him!