The Twelfth Installment of “Spells of Artistry

Chris has had the opportunity many of us dream about–sailing the seas, touching manta ray and watching eels and jellyfish as they swim leisurely by.  If anyone knows what pirates of old must have seen with their own eyes, it’s Chris Jackson.

Check out our interview and find out about his adventures sailing and writing. And check out the link to his giveaway on Goodreads, too!


“Dey for Love” Website and Other News

New stuff going on…

1- My new website is UP! Dey for Love is dedicated to all things romance; reviews, author blurbs and interviews. You can check it out by going to the site, through the link, or by clicking on the menu tab on the right.

If you are a romance author or freelance editor and would like to appear on my new site, that would be awesome! Once you get there, look for a link on the left called “Author’s Guide.” I have three options for you there. The best news: it is FREE! 🙂

2- This site, my main site, will continue to bring fun tidbits, updates on my books, and interviews of all things artistic. It has been the biggest pleasure to do in-depth interviews about interesting, talented folks. I won’t be stopping anytime soon, so check back from time to time.

3- My blog continues to include updates on Spell Casters, reviews of new and old books that I like, as well as mobile games that I’ve enjoyed.

Hope you all like the new site and let me know what you think!


The Ninth Installment of “Spells of Artistry”


It’s my pleasure to introduce you to my ninth Spell Caster: Devin Blake! The perfect simplicity and balance of her drawings hint at a vigorous training in some prestigious art school. But Devin is self-taught. And I must say her teacher deserves a shiny, red apple. Devin’s work is amazing, and her potential points toward legendary, I believe. I am so glad to have a moment to share her story and interview with you! Click on the picture or HERE to go to the interview! Yay! 🙂

The Seventh & Eighth Installments of “Spells of Artistry”

Click on link to go to Part A Interview!



Read these interviews to see how author, Mike Gasaway, and illustrator, Jason Dorf, worked together to make this cute children’s book, “Little Mikey the Vampire Monkey” a reality!

PART A: Mike Gasaway Interview

PART B: Jason Dorf Interview

From my Reading Stack…on my blog

Today, on my blog, I’m pointing out a few YA books I enjoyed reading recently. One is now a major motion picture. The next is a wonderful adventure that I would love to see on the big screen some day. After that is a great new twist on an old fairy-tale.  And the last is a blast from the past (2004) which I love for its wit and memorable characters.  I highly recommend these: