Reader Appreciation Results!

Random Drawing Winner – Mary Knapp!  $25 gift card

In appreciation for my web readers who have enjoyed my interviews and blog posts–Thank you! The result of the random drawing is in, and I am very excited to present a gift of appreciation to: Mary Knapp, entered for her comment on Sarah Mensinga’s interview!

Her gift is a $25 gift card at either B&N or Amazon!!

Congrats, Mary, and thanks for commenting.  More promos to come as this site gets going! =)

Keep reading and commenting, friends! Thanks,


Reader Appreciation

What do I like as much as cats and roses? Why, my readers, of course! Thank you, readers. I do appreciate ya! In fact, to celebrate you and your words of encouragement, I’d like to give a gift to one lucky reader who posts a nice comment on my website. Take a look at the interviews, check out older posts, maybe ask us a question. Don’t be shy.

One lucky reader will receive a nice gift! Random drawing on Friday, July 22nd, 2011  12 a.m. Announced 10 a.m.   -Kara

The Next Installment of “Spells of Artistry”!

Hollan Holmes

Today it is my pleasure to interview electronic music composer Hollan Holmes as our next Spell Caster. Interview HERE! His music has been featured on the internet and the highly acclaimed ‘Hearts of Space’ program site.

Hollan’s musical artistry casts a spell on the your  mind, calming and clearing it for the day ahead, for the project before you, or from the day you have left behind.

Check it out and learn about his process and the people and things which inspire him!

“Spells of Artistry” is here!

Deanna Molinaro

“Spells of Artistry” is hitting the ground running today with Deanna Molinaro, artist and writer of delightful “not-for-children” books. Her stories and fairy-tales will tickle your funny bone and shiver your spine all at the same time! It is a great honor to have her  on my website today.

Give her a warm welcome and check the interview out HERE.

And I am hoping for this feature on my website to be a source of inspiration, conversation and collaboration in the future for our various community of artists: writers, illustrators, playwrights, musicians, dramatists, dancers, singers, actors, painters. You name it! Be welcome and enjoy your time in the “Spells of Artistry” realm.  Hopefully coming this year- an artist’s forum!

Ode To The Full Moon

Have you howled tonight? Dance in the forest? Or found a faerie ring and secretly witnessed their impressive promenade? It is the full moon, after all. Let your wild side out for a meander or a jaunt.  A bark.  A woof.  A romp.

The full moon sees the fruition of all your labors and all those hopes you placed upon the new moon many days ago. Enjoy the fruits of your thoughts, dreams and work.  Hey! I heard you can actually see David Bowie in the moon if you look hard enough.  What a pleasant surprise.

How have your writing goals manifested on this night? Share your successes. Mine is this website. I hope you enjoy it.

May you have many many moons of success. A dance and a drink of wine to celebrate the lunar energy that inspires us all. Be well and keep writing!